Lost Satellites (2018)

Infinite Jest – Music Video (2017)

Who We Are (2017)

About Before the Origin

The NYC-based alternative rock act, Before the Origin (‘BtO’), is the unlikely synthesis of three young professionals originating from different corners of the world: Dom Biezonski (lead vocals/guitar/electronics), a Polish-born ‘neurogenetics of singing’ researcher at Rockefeller University; Andrew Krivtsov (lead vocals/guitar/electronics), a Russian app developer/designer; and Michele Bazzano (drums), an Italian banker on Wall St. What could these three seemingly disparate individuals have in common? Parallel lives as musicians with an unwavering passion for songwriting and explosive live performances.
Before the Origin was established in early 2014 when Dom and Andrew were engaged in another musical project, only to realize that their similar musical interests, aspirations, and natural songwriting chemistry signaled the call for something new, special, and unique. Adding Mike and a former bassist to the mix, what followed was an obsessive devotion to writing and rehearsing, an effort that within a few short months generated the majority of tracks for what would ultimately become their debut album, “Who We Are”, released in January of 2016. Merging elements of alternative and punk/pop rock, this album was particularly distinguished by Dom and Andrew’s exchange of lead vocals and guitars across tracks, multidimensional lyrics, Mike’s explosive drumming, and deep bass underpinnings that held this melodic universe together. Before the Origin released an official music video for album’s title track, “Infinite Jest”, a song about the pain of cycling through various failing relationships; this track has been viewed over 20k times across social media platforms, and continues to draw attention from new fans. Quickly after, Before the Origin began to ferociously write their sophomore album, “Lost Satellites”, which was released in October of 2018 on all major platforms. This album has gained much traction on social media, especially Spotify, which has attracted an average of 4k monthly listeners to such fan-favorites as “A Farewell to Arms”, “Lonely”, and “Short-Term Memory Loss”. Before the Origin is also known for its many live and studio covers of songs from such bands as Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon, which are extensively shared across social media platforms by their fans. As a result of their efforts and relentless promotion, Before the Origin has acquired a massive (20k fans) following on Facebook and IG.
Between the end of 2014 and present, Before the Origin have played an endless stream (50+) of shows locally around Manhattan & Brooklyn, and outside NYC including NJ, FL, and MA. Notable venues have included the famous Gramercy Theatre, the Cutting Room, the Bitter End, Arlene’s Grocery, Mercury Lounge, DROM, the Delancey, 89 North, Santo’s Party House, and the now defunct Black Bear Bar, Grand Victory, and Trash Bar.
With time, the themes and songwriting approaches of Before the Origin have continued to evolve, touching on the nature of relationships, existentialism, universalism/cosmism, and politics. In short, their music aims to inspire new perspectives on old ideas. Join the BtO family and support their great passion as these hardworking musicians continue to push their band to new heights!

Do you play bass?

No upcoming shows have been announced at this moment. Stay tuned!

Past Shows

10/19/2018 New York, NY Gramercy Theatre Gramercy Theatre
06/02/2018 Brooklyn, NY The Kingsland The Kingsland
03/18/2018 New York, NY Arlene's Grocery Arlene's Grocery
02/10/2018 New York, NY Gramercy Theater Gramercy Theater
12/09/2017 New York, NY Arlene's Grocery Arlene's Grocery
09/15/2017 New York, NY DROM DROM
09/09/2017 Brooklyn, NY Gold Sounds Gold Sounds
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