Before the Origin is an alternative rock band based out of Manhattan, NYC, and we are actively seeking the right bass player to join our family. Our sound is inspired by rock music from the 90’s and early 2000’s, science fiction, cosmology, philosophy, and free thinking. We have been together for 4+ years, have 2 full-length albums (one that just came out late October), and have played 50+ shows at such venues as Gramercy Theatre, The Cutting Room, Arlenes’s Grocery, Mercury Lounge, among many others. Our long-term goal is to continue to ramp up our exposure in NYC and play to bigger crowds while focusing on some new music, probably starting with an EP for now. To get a sense of our sound and style, check us out at:


Here’s who we’re looking for:

1. We are 3 musicians (age range 29-36) with full-time careers, really close with each other, really friendly and relaxed, and easy to work with/super open to new ideas and suggestions. We should note that one of our singers/guitarists is Russian and on the autism spectrum when it comes to social interactions, and is sometimes misinterpreted as condescending; you’ll learn that he’s a great guy once you get through the break-in period. We hope to find someone between 24-38 who is laid back and friendly; who will show enthusiasm/pride for our band, spread the word via social media, and bring in crowds to shows; and who is capable of taking suggestions in stride. If you don’t agree with something, you should be able to argue your case in a respectful manner. If you have a big ego or think you’re the greatest musician who’s ever lived, you’re not for us.
2. You can practice once a week (usually Wed or Thurs) at Funkadelic Studios in midtown from 7-9pm, although we’re looking to potentially practice in East Village.
3. You have at least decent chops, and a perfect memory for all our songs; you actually practice your instrument between rehearsals.
4. You have good to great stage presence and are capable of effectively interacting with the audience
5. You don’t get trashed before playing a show. Drinking in moderation before the set fine, but you need to be able to perform like a champ.
6. You have stable income, and are willing to invest in some hardcore PR, social media promo, expenses associated with recording and mixing, etc.

We’ve been through 2 bassists, and after learning many lessons we know exactly the person that is right for the band. If you think this is you, please contact us for an audition. We’re not trying to scare anyone by this list; we really are all good guys who finally want to find that perfect person for our band for the long term.

If you feel like you might be a good fit, do not wait any longer and shoot us an email or text! You may find contact information below in the footer.