Before the Origin – World Citizen [Demo]

Band :
Title : World Citizen [Demo]
Release Date : 04/14/2017
Format : Digital Download
In every crumb of your delusion
Destructive shine that’s impossible to deny
The fake play with a lowered curtain,
Evidence of the crime,
You could feel a lie.
I’m always in too deep in your eyes
It makes me scared.
How did we end up with these lies
deep in the shade?

Difference baring
up to war declaring.

Drawing lines
Between you and me
Splitting into teams to compete
Carving up the lands
Different kinds
We’re better on our own
Touching grids awkwardly, Oh-oh
Stepping back in cells, releasing hands

Too big and old to fight against it
Life is change and changes are the decay
The rule of a simple game:
Split into halves again
Put down your hands and pray
This never changes for too much
Until we’re gone
Who said we were born enemies?
Who said it’s wrong

thinking, looking
For truth in eyes instead of the news?
Sadly, we are (drawing lines..)

Disregarding fate
Clutching to the thought that no way,
You weren’t born for hate
You weren’t born to feel what they say
Disregarding fate
Clutching to the thought that no way,
This world wasn’t made for hate

Slowly dying, fading..